About us

The Association for “Environmental Intelligence and Knowledge” was established in 2020 in Wien, one of the greenest cities in the world.

We are a young organization, but our roots grow deep. For more than a decade our team has been involved in various projects and
initiatives, gaining essential experience in working with both business and academia.

The main area of work of the Association is in the education of all for a future sustainable development. Our goal is to encourage learners
to connect with knowledge flowing from nature and its driving forces. The team of the Association believes that the design of the learning process, inspired
by nature, can radically change education, offering teachers a dynamic new way to teach ecology and sustainable development, through creative problem solving and systematic thinking.

The Association focuses not only on creation of variety of educational materials for teachers to meet educational standards and requirements, both in physical and virtual classrooms, but also strives to demonstrate how the learning process could take place outside the classrooms. How can we turn learning into a fun and satisfying process inspired by nature.

In collaboration with dedicated professionals from different countries, the experts of organization “Environmental Intelligence and
Knowledge” have participated in the development and adaptation of various educational programs in a dynamic and modern environment. Creating educational products which are focused on the needs of students of different ages and are based on methodological innovations from around the world.

Layer upon layer, our experience is quickly growing, but one thing stays unchanged: Education and Love for Nature are at the heart of
everything we do.

We are taking small steps to make earth better planet, our goals are:

1) Promotion of education and knowledge of children, young people and adults in the field of ecology and environmental protection

2) Raising awareness of the issues of “education, environment and climate protection” in order to achieve sustainability

3) Promote opportunities for European partnership programs and exchange of good practice in the field of ecological intelligence and knowledge